Christine Hales Paintings

Contemporary Paintings by Christine Simoneau Hales

Paintings by Christine Simoneau Hales

Saint Francis Painting by Christine Hales
Saint Francis painting by Christine Hales

Christine Hales

Nature, Poetry  and Painting

Christine Hales has created this body of work over the last several years while simultaneously researching and practicing the art of Iconography.  Many of the classical painting thought constructs in Iconography are examined and sometimes utilized here in these contemporary works canvas and paper.

Saint Francis

Nature has always been a valid jumping off point for artists to express the world within and Saint Francis was a person much affected by nature.  At a crisis in his life, Francis disrobed publicly.  This was a gesture of rejection of the old blue system of his father.  Francis walked away a free man, able to follow his heart and true faith in God.

Here, the elements of space, color, and poetic composition are worked in with nature and inner observation to create a window for the viewer to be lifted out of the current reality and into a parallel reality.  One that has life and love and sweetness at its core.

“Using mixed media and limited color palette, I set out to explore and create a new visual language.  A language that would enable me to speak my inner truth.” Christine Hales


The Sublime in Painting: Artist Statement

“Experimenting  with art work through prayer,meditation, dance, and art materials, I let the process guide me. In this way, the purpose of the work comes from the act of doing it.  Through the action of painting I see mistakes as messages for my attention. In this way, I am guided  step by step to arrive at something inconceivable at the outset.

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