John the Baptist Painting by Christine Hales

John the Baptist Painting

John the Baptist Painting by Christine Hales John the Baptist was known as the forerunner.  He was  born of Elizabeth and Zechariah in fulfillment of the prophecy from the Archangel Gabriel. John the Baptist “was not the light, but came as a witness to the light, so that through him everyone might believe.”  He is

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Firmament Painting on Paper by Christine Hales

“Firmament” painting by Christine Hales

Firmament This mixed media painting on paper is part of the “Swimmers” series of works on paper by Christine Hales.  It is a part of a larger series that includes works on paper, drawings, and large acrylic paintings on paper. After the Deluge This painting could also refer to a post apocalyptic scene where only

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Swimmer II, part of the “Swimmer” series works on Paper

Swimmer Series, Works on Paper Swimmer II “Swimmer II” is one of several in the series.  Free moving abstract figures move gracefully across an abstract ocean, giving the feeling of joy and sensation of lightness and freedom. This is a series the artist continues to work on and is developing into larger paintings on canvas.

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“Swimmer 1” Painting on Paper by Christine Hales

Swimmer Series Late in 2016 I started the “Swimmer” series works on paper and continue them through the present time.  They seek to convey a different world, one in which the swimmer moves across and sometimes through different kinds turbulence and obstructions.

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Wild Horses, painting by Christine Hales

Wild Horses              Acrylic on Canvas   48 x 60″                                   by Christine Hales      $4,000   Wild Horses Painting by Christine Hales Wild Horses is one of those paintings that somehow just

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“Right Side of the Boat”

This painting, “Right Side of the Boat” is also on my FB page, if you’d like to see it there. Christine’s new paintings owe a debt not only to the work of Matisse, but also to the American Abstract Expressionists, particularly to the work of Philip Guston and Joan Mitchell.  

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Tu Es Ma Fille

This painting was created during a workshop at Bennington College this past summer through a program called Art New England, with Timothy Hawkesworth as instructor.  The painting was a process of self discovery and processed dream work with imagery both familiar and unfamiliar.

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My Little Deer

“Little Deer”, This mixed media drawing is part of a series of paintings and drawings that record my encounter with a little deer this spring. This one is more about how it felt to experience him (or her) than about outward reality. This is also on my instagram account if you’d like to see it

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A Painting from the “Garden ” series completed in 2016 by Christine Hales  

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