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Contemporary Paintings by Christine Simoneau Hales


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You Know Where I Am

“You Know Where I Am”   oil painting   36 x 48″   c. Christine Simoneau Hales     2014  

The New Realm


“Celebrate”   oil on canvas   40 x 30″             by   Christine Hales

Hear From Heaven

The Eighth Day

“The Eighth Day”   oil on canvas      30 x 24″                                by  Christine Hales  

Distant Lands

“Distant Lands”  oil on canvas      20 x 20″       by  Christine Simoneau Hales SOLD

Resting Place

“Resting Place”                oil on canvas             2o x 2o”             Christine Hales        2014 SOLD


  “Serenity”     oil on painting     24 x 24″       Christine Hales       2013

Each Morning

Each Morning     oil on canvas  16 x 16″           Christine Hales  

Vision 2



Peace        oil on canvas           20 x 16 ”                Christine Hales  

Refuge in You

Refuge in You     oil on canvas   38 x 34″        Christine Hales