Bio & Artist Statement

Artist Statement        _MG_8610


Christine Hales has been a painter since the early 1970’s, living in a loft in Chelsea and studying ballet until the 80’s when she moved to a small village in upstate New York .  Her art has been shown in national and international galleries and museums.  Her work is included in public collections at  TRW, Sands Hotel, St. Luke’s Church, Guideposts, Citibank, and in many private collections.   Her murals are in several public schools and resource centers and serve as a vehicle for  community involvement through the arts.

Christine has received grants from the Maine Arts Council, C.E.T.A. Nantucket, Greene County Arts in Residence, among others and has received numerous awards for excellence in painting.  See her CV for a more detailed list.  She is a credentialed, professional member of the American Art Therapy Association, and the British Association of Iconographers.


“I seek to evoke an atmosphere and sense of interior and exterior space that is symbolic of the human unconscious.     Jung believed that we are connected to all mankind, past, present, and future through what he labeled as ‘the collective unconsciousness’.  Like Turner, I give color absolute priority to construct a world of light and color.  The sublime which can be evoked through a transcendental experience of light, water and atmosphere is a sought after effect in my paintings and a portal to the unconscious”.


“I don’t paint things.  I only paint the difference between things.”  Henri Matisse